Live In Paris

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The album was recorded at a very special concert at the Bouffes du Nord Theater in Paris on Saturday 13th December 2014 and features the band performing alongside 75-year-old ‘grand dame’ of Tamashek culture Lalla Badi.

The album’s title, Oukis N’Asuf, translated literally, means to take away, forget or get over heart-ache and longing. Asuf - the longing of the soul - conjures up the feeling of separation from the Touareg camp, the physical environment of the desert, its emptiness, its blackness, and its spirits.

“When you feel asuf” says bassist Eyadou ag Leche, “you get shivers all over your skin.”

  1. Tinde (Tinariwen Feat. Lalla Badi)

  2. Tamiditin

  3. Koudedazamin

  4. Imidiwan Ahi Sigidam

  5. Tamatant Tiley

  6. Tinde (Lalla Badi)

  7. Azawad

  8. Chaghaybou

  9. Toumast Tincha

  10. Tiwayyen

  11. Emin Assosam

  12. Tinde Final (Tinariwen Feat. Lalla Badi)

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